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We observe - We learn  – and above all – We get inspired!

Our aim at KORI is to develop products which are not “only another new product”. KORI wants to offer more. 

What we do to implement the intangible factors that KORI stands for is how to discover and feel a need, and then materialize the use. At KORI, the user has an initial place! 

During the development of KORI, we have had several user events to gather input and feedback to get the optimal solution for the product.

Our office is in the south of Sweden but we also work from Stockholm. We hope to develop a company that integrates the same freedom, the same flexibility and spontaneity that KORI stands for. Simply because we believe that this will make us strong!

 Sophie von Wachenfeldt


Sophie von Wachenfeldt, daughter, founder & designer

Sophie is a newly graduated industrial designer with a weakness for adventure. She has a stubborn driving force and enthusiasm with a “Latin temper”.

Qualities: propellant & well structured

 Likes: challenges and adventure, riding her motorcycle and her bike, skiing and escalading …

 Lives: in a small house on the countryside 

 If an animal, Sophie would like to be a falcon

Meff von Wachenfeldt 



Meff von Wachenfeldt, mother, researcher & administrator

Meff takes the day as it comes with a positive attitude. She is a language teacher and a researcher. With a ”Latin temper” just as her daughter but with a nosy enthusiasm.

Qualities: spontaneous & inquisitive

Likes: wellbeing: yoga, spinning, food, perceive nature and the atmosphere in different places and “digging” into things

Lives: in an attic flat not far from the centre of Stockholm

If an animal, Meff would like to be a cat

Sebastian von Wachenfeldt



 Sebastian von Wachenfeldt, father and Board Member

Sebastian is a qualified engineer and salesman. He has lived and done business around the world and being back in Sweden, he fully enjoys life.

Qualities: calm & experienced

Likes: hifi, photography, vehicles of all kinds and simply enjoying spending a quiet time at the country house 

Lives: in a modern flat near the centre of Stockholm or in his country house

If an animal, Sebastian would like to be a bear.



Advisory Board: Per-Arne Stenlund, Johan Ulriksson och Mats Ögren


Do you want to join our KORI team? 

At KORI you will be part of a team that works towards a mutual development and a worthwhile exchange.

At KORI you will be given the opportunity to work with a new company, a unique product towards a variety of enthusiastic markets.

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