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Right now we are developing KORI Ocelot, the market's most comfortable back protector. KORI Ocelot has a superior fit and flexibility, it is the back protector that gives you maximum protection without you even notice you have it on. KORI Ocelot is for you who's looking for a comfortable back protector, nothing more nothing less.

The new back protector has gotten its name from the wild cat Ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, which is a small wild cat with incredible agility. It is found mainly in the rainforest, mangrove forest and savannas but it also thrives in mountainous areas consistent. Ocelot, is smaller and considerably smoother than the larger wild cats, it is a skilled climber and is unlike other cats are not shy of water and swim very well.

Kori Ocelot will be available in three different sizes: S, M, L

Date of launch: 2013/2014  

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kori ocelot ryggskydd skidor lina sundgrenkori ocelot ryggskydd skidor lina sundgren

High mountains is her call, skiing is her passion and adventure is her middle name!

During 2013, Lina Sundgren will be out and test KORI Ocelot our new back protector that will be launched next winter season.. Lina is Environmental consultant at WSP in Malmö, she has worked for Ski Unlimited since 2006, she is involved in Camp Lofoten, and she has lived in both the Norwegian Lofoten and in the Alps.

We've followed her when she walked up the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, which brought both skiing and climbing and we will get to follow her to a ski adventure in Davos (Switzerland), in Morge (Italy), in Charmonix (France) and not to forget her favorite place on earth, Henningsvaer, Lofoten (Norway), where she will join tours and be involved in the Camp Lofoten. It feels incredibly inspiring for us to follow Lina on her adventures!

Linas impression KORI Ocelot is that it is flexible, lightweight and comfortable!



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The protector should feel light and not interfere with the overall experience!

Powder and sunlight with KORI  

Camp Lofoten - a beautiful adventure