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kori squirrel sport sock running sock made in sweden

Kori Squirrel is a sport sock developed with conscious choices and smart feature stitching that creates an optimal combination of fit, comfort and long wearability.

kori sportsocka sportstrumpa med unik design och funktionsstickningar för att optimera fotens klimat





The sock excist in 5 different sizes: 34/36, 37/39, 40/42, 43/45, 46/48 

Price: 17 euro 

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Fia has a genuine interest in training and her main sports are roller skiing and running. Her training interest started for real after completing "En svensk klassiker" in 2009 (a Swedish classic=skiing 60/90km, biking 300km, swimming 3km and running 30km) during which she fell in love with skiing, both on wheels and on snow. Since then she has completed Vasaloppet 4  times and in 2013, she finnished 35th and in the Ladies' Vasa, she finnished 44th! 

This year she puts the stake even higher. A great part of the training is done with her boyfriend and training partner, Gustaf, a former middle distance runner, now focusing on roller skiing and cross-country skiing. They often travel to take part in different competitions and have been active in the ski club "Ski Team Skåne" since it started. Both Fia and Gustaf have tested many sport socks earlier and they say this about KORI Squirrel:

"One thing we really appreciate about KORI Squirrel is their length. It is a shorter ankle sock, but while other ankle socks are too short and easily slide down, KORI Squirrel work perfectly well even in boots. We also appreciate them being breathable, good thickness and in a comfortable quality. We use them for roller skiing as often as for running or gym training. Another great plus is of course that they are as stylish as they are functional! :)"

Name: Fia Jobs
Interests: Training, architecture and interior decoration, and music
Perceives KORI Squirrel as: an alround sport sock which is as functional as it is stylish 
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   kori squirrel sportstrumpa löparstrumpa niklas herrström

He is driven by the kick he gets from his training, the challenge of better performance and the feeling of keeping a healthy body, now and in the future!

"KORI Squirrel is the running sock which you do not noticed: it fits tight around the foot and it does the job without being noticed. Sleek, smooth and with good support, KORI Squirrel is the best runningsock I have tried! "/ Niklas Herrström, 31 years. Runner which is near the dream-goal of running 10 kilometers  in 40 minutes.

Niklas main interests are fitness and photography. In his photo, he shows attention to both quality and detail, and with his training, he shows determination and confidence, Niklas is not satisfied with anything but the best.

Besides indoor bandy and gym, it's running that takes the most time in Niklas training. He has the dream limit to run 10 kilometers under 40 minutes (today hi is at 41.33min). Niklas often compeet in local running competitions, his next big challenge is to complete a half marathon in under 1h 40min.

Niklas is aware of the body and its needs an he fully understand how important the feeling in your feet are to successfully perform in a race or workout. Niklas is one of our satisfied KORI Sqiurrel users!


Optimizing the body climate

Your feet influence the entire body's temperature balance. The feet have a lot of sweat glands and is a major part of the body's temperature control system, it is just as important to dress your feet right as it is to dress the rest of the body right. One of the most important aspects is to dress so that you can get help to wick away moisture (sweat) away from your body. Since moisture conducts heat faster than air a moist body or foot easily becomes cold and difficult to heat up again.


kori squirrel sportsocka




The sport sock is named Squirrel, as it, as well as the squirrel, is small and light, moves quickly and easily makes its way everywhere.






kori squirrel sportsocka material ökotex

Through good collaboration between manufacturing, skilled developers and involved athletes, we are now able to offer Kori Squirrel, a Swedish-made sports socks which are of the highest quality both in terms of format and design, durability and composition of materials.

In order to achieve maximum quality and feeling we are only using yarn suppliers with the highest quality level. The materials of the sock is of course certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


 kori sportsocka sportstrumpa maximal ventiation optimal passform

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KORI Squirrel is the best running sock I have tried!

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Delivery of our NEW Squirrel sportsock! YEY!

New Squirrel sportsock on its way!

Choosing materials 


kori squirrel sportstrumpa löparstrumpa niklas herrström