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kori pack protector back pack in motorcycle travelling to tuscany



Jonas loves to travel and experience the world and make sure to do this several times a year. Jonas is active in several areas: he rides motorcycles, go and teach slalom, topturar happy with telemarketers, there will be also some inline skating and skating. For Jonas is Kori fleibilitet, a convenient alternative to a normal back protector that also makes it possible to have camelback during inline skating and general stuff opportunity when needed.

Name: Jonas von Wachenfeldt
Age: 40 +
Field: ...
Experiencing Kori as: very comfortable to wear. Although the function of backpack is very good.





Riding the motorcycle with flexibilty and freedom


Mikael wants to ride his motorcycle wherever and whenever. The motorcycle makes him flexible and gives him a sensation of freedom even during the most ordinary ride. He values the opportunity of choosing  the bike instead of the train or car to and from work but also likes to take his motorcycle on holidays or just be able to ride a couple of miles for fun and sensation. The everyday freedom is important to Michael and the Kori concept allows that.
Name: Mikael Olenmark
Age: 30 -
Drives: Triumph Speed Tripel




Motorcycling as a lifestyle


Mona is an active motorcyclist and drives both on and off roads. Her driving results each year in approximately 30 000 km of shorter and longer trips. Weekdays, she works for the Norwegian mc-portal Bikeport and is also secretary at the mc-club NAF MC Trondheim. In other words, a true motorcycle girl. Curious and always in search for new and exciting motorcycle gadgets, she immediately fell for KORI.

Name: Mona Forsnes
Age: 30+
Drives: Honda VFR 750F
Perceives KORI as: sleek design, fits perfectly to the back and comfortable to wear.



with kori back protector backpack johan can take the motorcycle to work

The resolute doer who sees the joy in everything

Life is about seing the possibility in every occasion, according to Johan, and nurture every moment, at home with the family as well as in the career. A rich family life and filled working days, made the motorcycle unused for years. With KORI, Johan now has the opportunity to start using his bike whenever and wherever, during his free time as well as during working days.

Name: Johan Ulriksson
Age: 40+
Drives: Yamaha TDM 900
Percieves KORI as: the freedom of being able to take the bike to work more often than before. 






kori coyote user review back protector backpack



Marie goes on motorcycle trips all over Sweden. She shares her thoughts after her first trip wth KORI down the south coast of of Sweden 

"Now it shows what it is worth. It is wonderfully comfortable, fits like a glove! I am very positive to it - big plus is that it can be used to backpack so you can to bring all things when you rest and do not want to leave the jacket and stuff on the bike. I give it the highest grade! :-) The KORI protector swallows a lot and a little more.... :-)"

Name: Marie Munktell
Percieves KORI as: The protector is incredibly comfortable, you do not feel it!!!! It is smooth, supple and absolutely wonderful!!!!



kori back protector with kristian on and of the motorcycle


The adventurous bike enthusiast who looks for new challenges

He is the bold computer consultant who, among other things, has done the whole of Japan on a bike, Sörmlandsleden on a unicycle and been to numerous countries on motorcyle holidays. During working days, he drives his motorcycle for work. And KORI is of course there. Practical and safe. For Kristian, KORI also has its given place down hills, either on snowboard or unicycle.

Name: Kristian Roos
Age: 30+ 
Drives: Yamaha VMAX from -85, bike, unicycle, snowboard and skis
Perceives KORI as: obvious, to combine a back protector with storage. Slim as a back protector although big volume in the backpack. 



kori back protector backpack niclas hanzon motorcycle coach at Sveriges motorcyklister

The motorcycle coach who is driven by the joy of biking and safety

Each year Niclas Hanzon sits on his BMW GSA some 20 000 kilometres distributed over all seasons, summer as well as winter. Niclas is active in the Swedish motorcycle organisation SMC (Sveriges Motorcyklister), among other things, Niclas is an accredited instructor, chairman of the board for the Advanced courses in the south of Sweden. His passion is coaching for funnier, better and safer driving. He loves the practical freedom the motorcycle gives him compared to the car and enjoys the feeling of driving, acceleration and manoeuvring his bike. KORI fits well into his lifestyle on the motorcycle.
Name: Niclas Hanzon
Age: 40+
Drives: BMW GSA
Perceives KORI as: Flexibility, Packing volume, Quality 


kori back protector backpack makes the motorcycle travelling easy

The cozy cruisers who Take the time to enjoy motorcycling together

Margareta and Bengt motorcycle as often as they can, it is the experience to get away and discover new places and wonderful people and friends that attracts them.  Previously, motorcycle equipment has been a major problem when they get off the motorcycle and from experience they do not want to leave them on the bike. Nowadays the problem is solved because Kori makes it convenient and easy to take the equipment along.

Name: Margareta and Bengt Olenmark
Age: 50 +
Drive: Yamaha Dragstar and Hyosung GV
Perceive KORI as: safety, flexibility and comfort.




Driving a snowmobile with a taste of nature


Peter drives his snowmobile as often as possible. It is the taste of nature and freedom as well as the possibility to meet other snowmobilers that attracts him. Peter is among other things dedicated, in different ways, to snowmobile competitions around the world but also at home in the most notherly parts of Sweden. He hadn’t used a back protector for years because he found them stiff and sweatty but the first time he wore his KORI, he used it at its maximum and that saved his back.

Name: Peter Granbrant
Age: 40+
Drives: Lynx Commander 600 E-tec
Perceives KORI as: gives you that little extra when driving, including flexibility and that the sweatty feeling is gone.


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