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You only have one Body. One Spine. One Core...

... Whether You ski or snowboard. Whether You sit on a motorcycle or a bicycle. Whether You escalade, parkour or ride a horse. 


KORI is designed to meet the requirements for several sports. KORI proudly includes the D3O back protector Viper PRO which is extremely flexible and lightweighted, while offering incredible protection. The material D3O is a patented technology, which consists of a polymer composite with a chemically engineered dilatant to function as an energy absorber. D3O Viper PRO meets the highest standards for back protectors on the market: the CE standard for protective equipment for motorcyclists:  

CE EN1621-2 

This European Standard specifies the requirements for back protectors worn by riders in normal traffic situations. The standard contains requirements for sizing, ergonomics, labelling and requirements for the impact performance of the protectors divided into two levels:  
ce certification for motorcyclists

Level 1: The average peak force recorded below the anvil in the tests shall be below 18 kN, and no single value shall exceed 24 kN.

Level 2: The average peak force recorded below the anvil in the tests shall be below 9 kN, and no single value shall exceed 12 kN.


d3o ce level 2

"Through our test periods at the Technical Research Institute of Sweden we have learned the significance of an impact towards the spine. With that knowledge it feels incredible to have such a great material as D3O within KORI, it is extremely flexible and comfortable at the same time as it meets the standard of "
- Sophie von Wachenfeldt, Designer at KORI experience


KORI is available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. For optimal protection and comfort it is important that You choose the right size for Your back. With KORI you will get a larger protective area, within the KORI size Small there is a D3O size Medium protector, within the KORI size Medium there is a Large size protector and within the KORI size Large there is an Extra Large size protector, this is to ensure that your back and shoulders get as much protection as possible.

The sizing, according to the standard for back protectors (EN1621-2), is described by the torso length which is the length of the back between the junction of the shoulder and neck (A) and the waist (B):

 sizing waist to junction of shoulder and neck 

Maximum torso length:

S < 48 cm

M < 53 cm

L < 56 cm






wear kori back protector backpack underneith the jacket when driving your motorcycle



For optimal protection, the KORI-D3O protector is worn, folded underneath the jacket, when driving the motorcycle.Driving with KORI, folded out as a backpack can, in case of accident, lead to missplacement of the back protection, unpleasant torque ratings and, if the wrong content is placed inside, the impact protection may be reduced.




KORI - Encouraging Freedom.

Encouraging Safety.

kori back protector backpack can store your motorcycle equipment when you get off the motorcycle